Solyard Finance
May 26, 2021


SolaFarm Vaults

FARM/USDC Staking pool‌

In this farm, users can deposit SolaFarm DEX FARM/USDC LP and earn even more FARM tokens.

Single Asset Smart Vaults‌

Currently, our single asset vaults feature SRM, ETH, RAY, STEP, and FARM. The new Smart Vaults provide users with opportunities to earn interest safely without losing their principal.‌

Rest of the Auto Compounding pool‌

Currently, we will support Raydium LP staking;‌

RAY/USDC RAY/ETH RAY/SRM RAY/SOL FIDA/RAY COPE/USDC STEP/USDC KIN/RAY MAPS/RAY OXY/RAY will be supported first, more pools will be supported at future, which exists on Raydium.‌

Our smart contracts automatically compound your investments. For these pools, as profit, you will be getting the respective LP Token of the pool, as well as FARM tokens. 15–30% of profits will be collected and used to repurchase FARM tokens. There should be a withdrawal fee of 0.1%.



Solyard Finance

Solafarm is first Yield Farming Aggregator Optimizer protocol on #Solana