Solyard Airdrop and Public whitelist is now open

Solyard Finance
1 min readJun 13, 2021


💥To celebrate this moment and to reward our loyal supporters, the team will be hosting this event. 💥

Prize pool: 3000 YARD tokens

Here are THREE easy ways to earn more points for $YARD airdrops:

  1. Social Media Campaign [Allocate 500 YARD]
    ✅Join SolYard’s Discord Channel
  2. ✅Follow SolYard’s Twitter and retweet the pinned Tweet Quote retweet this tweet using the hashtags: #Solana #SolYardFinance #Giveaway #SolanaSummer, 5 points to be awarded.

2.️ SolSummer Campaign [Snapshot on 2020/6/10]
Here at SolaFarm, we would like to promote a inclusive ecosystem.
For Solana addresses with more than 10 transaction with the contracts of SRM, RAY and SLIM, 10 points to be awarded.

3. SolaFarmer Campaign [Snapshot on 2021/6/12]
Of course, we didn’t forget, you our dearest Farmers.
For Solana addresses with more than 3 transaction with the contracts of Solyard, 20 points to be awarded.

All participants in this event will be whitelisted for our IDO!

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Solyard Finance

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