Solafarm Roadmap

Solyard Finance
1 min readMay 2, 2021

SolaFarm is committed to providing users with Solana one-stop financial solutions, including services such as stable income, Lending, and asset synthesis. Solafarm will establish partnerships with developers on Solana. The detailed route map is as follows:


  • The auto-compounding pool V0.9.0 test version is online; the function of the V1 version is realized, and the product function test is completed on the Raydium.
  • Staking pool V0.9.0 test version is online; LP mining function is open, Raydium is online.
  • Test user community build; build a user community, and conduct open testing of platform functions.
  • Auto-compounding pool and staking pool V1.0 relaese; SolaFarm launched, opening auto-compounding pool and staking pool.


  • Lending platform V0.9.0 test version launched; the function development of. lending products was completed, and the test network was launched for testing.


  • Lending platform V1.0 released.


  • Auto-compounding pool and staking pool V2 relaese;Provide users with a better income earning platform and loan solutions.
  • Synthetic asset platform open test version;The Synthetic Assets Platform is Solafarm’s third planned product and is expected to be launched for testing in 2022Q1.



Solyard Finance

Solafarm is first Yield Farming Aggregator Optimizer protocol on #Solana